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Trip and fall accidents on sidewalks often involve multiple issues, such as identifying the correct parties, proving that the defect existed and proving negligence on the part of the party responsible for maintaining the sidewalk.

Identifying the Correct Parties in a Grocery Store Sidewalk Accident in Philadelphia

Many grocery stores are located inside of large shopping plazas or centers. Therefore, determining who the correct parties are requires careful investigation. To illustrate: A woman is walking on a sidewalk to her local grocery store which is located inside of a large strip mall or shopping plaza. She trips over missing concrete on a sidewalk next to the store and suffers serious injuries. Determining who the correct party is depends on investigating the exact location of the fall and whether there are any contracts between the grocery store and shopping plaza owner, etc. Such contracts often indicate who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk.

In store or mall sidewalk accident cases in Philadelphia, multiple and distinct parties may be liable for the accident, such as:

  • grocery store,
  • grocery store management company,
  • shopping plaza owner,
  • shopping plaza management company,
  • maintenance contractors, and/or
  • the City of Philadelphia.

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City/Government Liability for a Sidewalk Accident in Philadelphia

If the sidewalk at issue abutted a public street, the City may be also be on the hook. Sidewalk accident cases against local government entities, such as the City of Philadelphia, are very complex due to the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act. While cities and townships can be held liable for sidewalk accidents, such lawsuits are entirely different from ordinary trip and fall type cases. If you were injured in a sidewalk accident case in Philadelphia’s city limits, it is imperative that you speak to a Philadelphia fall accident lawyer immediately.

Proving that the Defect Existed in a Store/Mall Sidewalk Accident in Philadelphia

In any fall down accident case, it is crucial to prove that the defect existed. In a sidewalk accident case, that usually means proving that the defect was of a certain size, length, width, etc. For instance, if a sidewalk accident occurs due to missing concrete, it will be important to prove how large the hole was, where it was located, etc.

Proving Negligence in a Store/Mall Sidewalk Accident in Philadelphia

It is also important to prove that the party responsible for the sidewalk was negligent. Proving negligence in a sidewalk accident case usually involves proving that the owner failed to conduct reasonable inspections of the sidewalk. Store management may have had certain procedures with respect to inspection of the exterior premises of the store, including sidewalk abutting the store. However, investigation may reveal that those procedures were not followed properly.


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