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Slip and fall accidents occur nearly every day, especially while at work or on the job. While most folks who have slip and fall accidents at work will never need to even see a doctor, for some, the injuries can be catastrophic and life changing. These kinds of accidents can happen at every kind of workplace, from marine terminals and ports to small construction sites or even in office buildings.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Workplace Fall Down Accident Law

Under the laws of both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, workers who sustain slip and fall type accidents while at work may be eligible for compensation in the form of a workers’ compensation claim and/or a third party negligence lawsuit.

Workers’ compensation claims are usually available and should cover medical expenses and disability wages. However, the reality for seriously injured workers is that a separate third party slip and fall negligence case can result in full financial compensation. Learn about the steps to follow if you’ve been injured in a fall accident at work in Pennsylvania.

Common slip and fall dangers on the job include:

  • water,
  • food,
  • oil/grease, and
  • mud.

For example, at a marine terminal, a worker may slip and fall on grease or oil, which spilled on a public access walkway and was never cleaned up. While workers are generally barred from suing their direct employers for the negligence, other parties can be held liable for failing to provide a reasonably safe workplace. In this instance, a marine terminal operator or port operator may be liable.

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Common Causes of Falls from Heights at Work, by a Pennsylvania & New Jersey Workplace Fall Accident Lawyer