If you or a loved one was injured due to testosterone hormone drug therapy, you probably have many questions about how to proceed, such as:

Below you will find answers to questions about the claims process, how long the case may take to resolve, and what type of financial compensation you and your family may receive. For more information or to get a free case review, please call our office at Click To Call.

What is the claims process?

The claims process will begin with an exhaustive investigation into the timeline, facts, medical history, and medical records. Once it is determined that there is a viable case, a lawsuit will be filed, most of the time, in the state where you live. Depending on other factors such as how many people were injured by using testosterone drugs, the case may be moved to a different state or court.

Once a lawsuit is filed, the parties will investigate the case in greater detail to determine whether the there is in fact a valid case or a valid defense. This includes written discovery in the form of questions and answers, exchange of documents, depositions, consultations with medical experts, etc.

In large scale drug cases, the court may order that the cases be consolidated, i.e., all those bringing lawsuits for the same reason may be assigned to a special class. This is known as a class action. There are many benefits to a class action; the most important one is streamlining the process. There are some drawbacks as well; for instance, individual class members may feel as though their specific claims are not being given enough attention. Also, class action lawsuits generally take longer to resolve. Individuals within the class may choose to opt out and pursue their claims separately.

How long will the case take to resolve?

The reality is that drug injury cases take longer to resolve than most accident-injury cases. That is because the issues are more complex, and the defendants have more to lose. Millions of dollars can be at stake, so drug companies will certainly dig their heels in and fight tooth and nail on every issue. In the best case scenario, a drug injury case may resolve in 3-4 years, and in the worst case scenario, 5+ years. No two cases are alike, and how long a case takes to resolve absolutely depends on the specific facts of the case.

Resolution may occur by way of a jury trial which in drug injury cases may take several weeks or a few months, depending on the complexity of the issues. Resolution may also occur by way of a private mediation or arbitration. These are cost-effective alternatives to jury trials and take much less time. Your lawyer will discuss these alternatives with you in greater detail.

What kind of financial compensation can I receive?

Under most state laws, drug companies may be ordered to pay financial compensation for:

  • medical bills,
  • lost earnings, and
  • pain and suffering.

In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded. Drug companies may be ordered to pay punitive damages where there is evidence of intentional wrongdoing, like misrepresenting the safety of a drug or hiding information from the public. Punitive damages are designed to punish the wrongdoer and send a message to others in the community at large. In a drug injury case where the drug company’s conduct warrants punitive damages, the court could easily enter an award of millions of dollars.

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