• Review of Brian Kent (October 14, 2020) “When our son told us about a situation he experienced as a teenager, we were understandably devastated and reacted by trying to learn more about similar occurrences and legal statutes regarding his rights as a victim.  I reached out to several legal firms seeking advice and found Brian Kent with Laffey, Bucci, and Kent, learning that Brian has made his career fighting for victims’ rights.  Not yet knowing all the details of what happened to our son, I told Brian that he had been in therapy for quite a while and asked if he would potentially have a claim to hold the party accountable.  Brian was very personable and interested in learning what had happened and if he could offer his firm’s legal services.  He said he needed to speak with our son and recommended he contact the office when he was ready to talk.  Hesitant to talk about his experience, it took some time for our son to reach out to Brian.  Their initial conversation went very well and a strong and trusting relationship ensued. Brian handled this case with a high degree of professionalism with all parties and was able to reach an appropriate resolution.  Because of Brian’s help, our son is feeling a level of closure on a painful time in his life and that he can finally move forward. Bottom line, one word to describe Brian Kent…Genuine.  We not only consider Brian as our legal advisor, but a friend as well. Thank you Brian Kent”
  • Review of Brian Kent (October 12, 2020) “I initially reached out to Brian regarding a situation that I experienced as a young teenager. Due to a change in the state laws where it occurred, there was a chance to pursue a claim and hold the responsible party accountable. While I was initially apprehensive to relive this painful time of my life, Brian quickly eased my anxiety with not only his professionalism but his empathy and his ability to establish a high level of trust. We decided to pursue a case, and Brian was an outstanding partner throughout the process. Brian consistently provided legal advice and relevant updates, and he was quick to communicate on my behalf with the opposing legal team, especially when I felt a sense of concern or frustration. Fast forward to today – we were able to reach a resolution to the case and I have been able to find a sense of closure that I have desired for over 20 years. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Laffey Bucci & Kent, and I can say confidently that I would not be in this position without Brian.” DS
  • Laffey, Bucci & Kent Law Firm, Review of Brian Lafferty, January 2020 (Car Accident Case) (January 31, 2020) “I would say to anyone in need of Legal counsel to use Laffey, Bucci & Kent. Brian [Lafferty] & his team are the BEST do not try to do this yourself. Invest in them.” Danny Blough
  • Laffey, Bucci & Kent Law Firm, Review of Brian Lafferty April 2018 (PA Car Accident Case)(April 2, 2018) “You made sure that everything went smoothly and that we were compensated for our losses. Truly, the members of your staff were very helpful.” Albert & Kaye Rosaia
  • March 2018 Review by Client in a Slip and Fall Case in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (March 14, 2018) “Laffey Bucci & Kent will always come highly recommended. I recommend Brian Lafferty for Partner. 5 out of 5 Star rating.” Stephanie Ball
  • Attorney Brian Lafferty Review, Car Accident Lawsuit in Philadelphia (February 23, 2018) “The staff and Mr. Lafferty allowed me to concentrate on healing and they took away the stress of dealing with the day to day case issues.” Cynthia Piatt
  • Brian Lafferty Attorney Review, Philadelphia Car Accident Case (February 13, 2018) “Mr. Lafferty fielded all my calls in a professional manner in an appropriate time line. If ever in a need of representation for myself, friends or family I’ve got the RIGHT FIRM!” Chris Edwards
  • Review of Brian Lafferty, Auto Accident Lawyer in Pennsylvania (January 18, 2017) “Brian did a good job investigating and putting on a case that 3 other law firms turned down. Mr. Lafferty got a nice settlement for us.” 4.5 Stars -Ron and Donna Kirschner
  • Review of Jeff Laffey, Scaffold Accident Work Injury Case (June 27, 2016) “Jeff Laffey and his staff were instrumental in their efforts to track down the company and hold them accountable. This process was daunting but they didn’t give up and fought very hard for me.” John Port
  • Review of Brian Lafferty, Auto Accident Lawyer (May 24, 2016) “I am very happy with the outcome of my case. Brian Lafferty was awesome throughout the entire process.” Andrea DelMastro
  • Review of Brian Lafferty, Auto Accident Injury Case (April 29, 2016) “I cannot begin to say how caring and professional Brian Lafferty and Ellen were to me. All of my questions were answered before I asked them! Brian always kept my best interest and was always available. I would refer Brian and this firm to anyone!” Donna Maggeo
  • Review of Laffey, Bucci & Kent (Forklift Accident Case) (March 30, 2016) “Brian, Chris, Jeff and Amy are all TOPNOTCH! Very friendly and knowledgeable! Was a bad situation and they made it easy and tolerable! Thank you!” Samuel Siegel
  • Review of Brian Lafferty, Philadelphia Auto Injury Lawyer (July 13, 2015) “Brian was there for me from day one. He is personable and very friendly. He worked tirelessly to get me compensation for my pain and suffering. I could always reach Brian if I had questions and he would be there. I clearly made the correct choice in choosing Brian Lafferty.” Anthony …
  • Review of Paul Bucci (Forklift Work Injury Case in KY) (May 12, 2015) “Paul and his staff are a real class act. I couldn’t be happier with the way things worked out. These guys are top of the line.” Robert Styer
  • Review of Brian Lafferty, PA & NJ Injury Lawyer (April 30, 2015) “Brian is responsive, knowledgeable, trustworthy, hardworking, and efficient at what he does. Brian was very detailed in his approach, and I was impressed how he was able to predict the defendant’s next move, which allowed us to always stay one step ahead.” Tim McGovern
  • Jeff Laffey Review & Rating – Philadelphia Work Injury Case (March 10, 2015) “Some days, Jeff just made the difference for me, really. From what we have seen, Jeff is all about integrity, and he has a good measure of Wild Man in him.” Randy and Judy Hunter
  • Laffey, Bucci & Kent Law Firm Review by a Former Client (Crime Victim Injury Case)(February 23, 2015) “Without even a second thought, these lawyers are the best at what they do, and their names alone should be enough to make any defendant and their lawyer worry.”
  • Review of Jeff Laffey, Phila. Work Accident Case (February 23, 2015) “Mr. Laffey assured me though it may take time, he would find the truth. In the end, he recovered enough for my family and I to be comfortable until I got back on my feet.” James Rogers
  • Review of Paul Bucci (Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Case) (January 22, 2015) “Paul is one of the outstanding construction litigators in Pennsylvania. During depositions, it was apparent that Paul knew as much about the operations and engineering as did the defense witnesses.” -Jeff Gutkowski
  • Review of Jeff Laffey, Pennsylvania Work Injury Accident Lawyer (October 27, 2014) “I made a wise decision in hiring Jeff as my attorney. Whenever I would call for advice Jeff either personally answered the phone or returned my call within a reasonable amount of time. I still feel today that if I need any legal advice Jeff would still extend expertise.” -Richard Godshall
  • Review of Jeff Laffey, Philadelphia Work Accident Lawyer (October 24, 2014) “I just can’t say enough great things about Jeff. He handled everything from start to finish, absolutely beautifully. The main thing with Jeff was he was a straight shooter who always took care of me.” – Frank Gillmore
  • Review of Brian Kent (Phila. Fall Accident Case) (June 3, 2014) “I would highly recommend your office to others. Everyone in the office is a true professional. Thank you for all of your help.” SB
  • Review of Paul Bucci (Construction Accident Case) (December 12, 2013) “I would like to thank the exceptional work of Paul Bucci of Laffey Bucci and Kent. Paul represented me in a case I wasn’t sure I had.”
  • Brian Kent, Sex Abuse Lawyer – Review & Testimonial (November 1, 2013) “Words are not enough but thank you very much. On the way home, my wife was the happiest I have seen her in a long time, and she said several times we can’t thank our lawyers enough, and she’s right.”
  • Review of Brian Kent, PA NJ Accident & Injury Lawyer (June 9, 2013) “If I was ever nervous or unsure about something, he would always take my questions, answer them and wait for me to be ready and not rush my decisions.” -Melissa
  • Review of Brian Kent (Sexual Assault & Abuse Case) (June 9, 2013) “He’s helped me make decisions that I didn’t know how to make. Such as, do I settle or do I continue and take it to the court. He breaks down the situations and explains them to me so that I don’t feel that the situation is out of my control and out of my hands.” …
  • Review of Jeff Laffey (Fall Accident Case) (April 23, 2013) “Jeff stood by me every step of the way to ensure I was taken care of. He was friendly, understanding, and treated me with respect ..” -Michael
  • Review of Brian Kent (Truck Accident Case) (January 8, 2013) “When we hired Brian Kent to handle our case, we quickly learned he would go the extra mile to help us reach a fair and equitable settlement.” -Tom
  • Review of Paul Bucci (Workplace Fall Accident Case) (January 7, 2013) “I can’t express my satiation in words on what this firm and Paul Bucci has done for me and my family! To sum it all up they will get all my family and friends business as long as I’m around!”
  • Review of Jeff Laffey (Assault Case) (December 17, 2012) “Jeff that first night when you came to see Jason in the hospital I knew we were in good hands. You were very gentle, kind and caring…. You will never know how much you mean to me and my family.” -Carolyn
  • Review of Jeff Laffey (Car Accident Case) (December 17, 2012) “Even as Jeff displayed excellent legal knowledge, skill, and thoroughness, he has also shown me such individuality that I feel he has become a good friend through this process. He is always available for any questions I may have, even if they do not pertain to my case. His staff is very friendly …
  • Review of Brian Kent (Car Accident Case) (December 16, 2012) “I couldn’t be more satisfied with the settlement he was able to negotiate for me. I highly recommend Brian and his associates for anyone who is in need of excellent legal representation.” -Jayne
  • Review Brian Kent (Work Accident Case) (December 8, 2012) “I would like to thank Brian and his staff for making this process as stress-free and painless as they could. I would highly recommend Brian Kent to handle any workplace safety accident case.” -Joe

“Without Brian, I would not have been able to go through with my civil case. Not only did he provide expertise advice, knowledge, and skill, but more importantly his reassurance and support proved invaluable. Brian was genuinely concerned with my well-being throughout the long and arduous legal process; I felt completely comfortable confiding in him and being open about how I was feeling. I have the utmost respect for Brian, Jeff, and Paul and they have left a positive and indelible mark on my life.”
GG, Sex abuse victim

“I want to express my thanks to Jeff and Michelle. Jeff went above and beyond the call of duty for me and also for my family at the most difficult time in our lives. Jeff must enjoy his job because he put his heart and soul into it. I am glad that Bill’s business agent highly recommended Jeff to us.”
Mary Cornman

“Jeff Laffey’s representation of myself and my fellow plaintiffs was nothing short of excellence. Jeff’s charm and wit were quickly shelved for diligence and tenacity when appropriate and necessary. Jeff’s efforts resulted in an extremely fair settlement. I have and will continue to recommend Jeff to all potential clients.”
Jim McGarrity Philadelphia Carpenters’ Union, Local 465

“I look back at how many years have passed since my family called upon Jeff’s help. Without Jeff’s help, I’m not sure how my family and I would have made it. Jeff not only offered his knowledge in law, he offered his friendship and for that I will always hold a special place for Jeff. I truly feel that I would or could not ever seek anyone’s help in your profession. Best of luck in your new journey. I’m sure Jeff will succeed in all of his tasks.”
Diane Cannon Crompton

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