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Structural & Building Collapse Accident Law Library

The following articles, frequently asked questions, news articles and blogposts are provided by our Pennsylvania and New Jersey construction and work accident lawyers. They are for information only. Prior to making any decisions about your case, it is vital to contact an experienced, knowledgeable construction/worksite accident lawyer.

Work Accident Case Results by Our Lawyers

  • $101 million – The collapse of a parking garage at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City that injured over 30 construction workers on the job and killed 4 men working on the project (largest construction accident settlement in U.S. history)
  • $13 million – The collapse of the Philadelphia Kimmel Center during its construction
  • Click here for more construction/work accident case results.

Structural & Building Collapse Accident Law Articles

  • NYC Construction Wall Collapses Injuring Three – How Do You Prove the Construction Company was Negligent? *For immediate release On Friday, November 1, a construction wall collapsed in New York City injuring three people, at least two of whom were pedestrians/bystanders. The accident occurred at approximately 10 a.m. in Times Square. Multiple New Yorkers helped lift pieces of construction material to free those trapped. Source: www.nydailynews.com, “Times Square construction wall falls, injuring ...
  • Building Collapse & Demolition Accidents – The Importance of the Engineering Survey The engineering survey is arguably one of the most important parts of a demolition project. An engineering survey determines not only how a given building will be demolished, but also, safety issues related to adjacent buildings and structures as well as preventing premature collapse. OSHA regulations which apply to demolitions projects also require an engineering survey. ...
  • Structural Steel Assembly – Building Collapse Accidents Philadelphia Construction Building Collapse Accident at Temple University Yesterday, yet another building collapse occurred in Philadelphia. Last month’s tragic Salvation Army building collapse accident was followed by a partial building collapse accident on Temple University’s campus. The Salvation Army building collapse resulted in 6 deaths and over a dozen people were injured. Fortunately, yesterday’s collapse accident ...
  • Lessons from a New Jersey Construction Collapse Case – Tropicana Garage Collapse In October 2003, four workers were killed and dozens more injured in a construction collapse accident. This collapse occurred on the worksite of the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. A ten-story parking garage collapsed, and the tragic fact is that the accident was preventable. Most building collapse situations are preventable and ...
  • OSHA & Demolition Operations – Worksite Safety Considerations OSHA & Demolition Operations – Worksite Safety Considerations For obvious reasons, demolition operations are very dangerous. The workers who are engaging in the demolition process and bystanders are subject to the risks inherent in demolition operations. When things go wrong, innocent lives may be taken. The Philadelphia demolition accident is a recent example of a demolition ...

Structural & Building Collapse Accident Law FAQs

  • Who can be sued in a building collapse accident? Building collapses tend to occur due to the combined negligence of multiple parties. Therefore, building collapse litigation tends to be very complex. The parties in a building collapse situation often vary depending on the type of building involved. In construction building collapse cases, or where a building under construction collapses, there may be anywhere between ...

Structural & Building Collapse Accident Law Latest News

  • Building Collapse Accidents – A Look at Recent Building Collapse Accidents in the U.S. This month, there have been countless deaths in the U.S. in building collapse situations. Earlier this month, a Philadelphia building collapse killed 6 people and injured over a dozen more. Several days later, a deck attached to a restaurant collapsed in South Florida. At least two dozen people were injured. Building or structure collapse situations are ...
  • Philadelphia Demolition Accident – At Least One Woman Killed June 25, 2013 update: Philadelphia’s building collapse which occurred on June 5 resulted in the deaths of 6 people – workers at the Salvation Army as well as shoppers inside the store. As many as 14 people were injured, many of them have been seriously injured. One woman lost both legs after being trapped for 13 ...

Structural & Building Collapse Accident Law Blogposts

  • Scaffold Collapse Accident Prevention – The Importance of Proper Bracing Frame or fabricated scaffolds are one of the most common types of scaffolds used in both residential and commercial construction. They are economical and relatively easy to use because they can be stacked multiple stories. Workers of all trades, including painters, masonry workers, carpenters, etc., use frame scaffolds on a regular basis. The reality is ...

About Our Structural & Building Collapse Accident Lawyers

Our lawyers come from families of construction workers and care deeply about workplace safety and the rights of all workers. Firm founder, Jeff Laffey, is the proud son of a Philadelphia union carpenter. Firm founder, Brian Kent, comes from a family of iron workers and is a former prosecutor.

What Former Clients Have to Say About Our Construction & Work Accident Lawyers:

“Jeff Laffey’s representation of myself and my fellow plaintiffs was nothing short of excellence. Jeff’s charm and wit were quickly shelved for diligence and tenacity when appropriate and necessary. Jeff’s efforts resulted in an extremely fair settlement. I have and will continue to recommend Jeff to all potential clients.” Jim McGarrity Philadelphia Carpenters’ Union, Local 465

“I would like to thank Brian and his staff for making this process as stress-free and painless as they could. I would highly recommend Brian Kent to handle any workplace safety accident case.” – Joe

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a structural or building collapse accident in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey or New York, contact our experienced, highly rated workplace accident and injury lawyers for a free, confidential consultation. 215.399.9255/800.220.7600

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