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Apr 032014

The Life of a Workers’ Compensation Claim
in Pennsylvania

This diagram explains the basic steps in a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania. If you need legal assistance with a work accident-compensation claim, please call our office and ask for a free consultation. 800.220.7600

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PA work accident work comp diagram

Work Accident Claims in PA – Compensation for Your Injuries

If you’ve been injured at work in Pennsylvania, you probably want to know whether your medical bills will be paid, and if you’re out of work, whether you will receive disability pay. In general, workers injured in Pennsylvania will be able to obtain medical treatment and disability pay by filing a workers’ compensation claim with their employers. However, it is important to note that workers’ compensation law in PA is very complex. Under the PA Workers’ Compensation Act, there are many eligibility requirements and time limitations. Therefore, it is best for injured workers to speak with work accident lawyers to discuss whether they will be able to make workers’ compensation claims.

There is another, very important reason to speak to a work accident lawyer, and that is to have the case investigated to determine whether the injured worker has viable claims against other parties. For instance, in a forklift accident case, the injured worker may have a valid defective product claim against a forklift manufacturing company. However, many injured workers never bother to seek a consultation with an experienced accident lawyer, and as a result, never receive full, fair compensation for their work injuries including pain and suffering damages.

If you or a loved one would like a free consultation with one of our work accident-injury lawyers, please call 800.220.7600.

Recent work accident case results:

  • $5 million – A construction accident, union laborer killed while working on the fourth floor of a building because there was no fall protection
  • $4 million – Construction worker suffered a serious brain injury after falling 20 feet due to lack of required fall protection

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