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Review of Brian Kent, Pennsylvania & New Jersey Sex Abuse Lawyer

Below is a review of our sex abuse victims lawyer, Brian Kent. Learn more about Brian Kent.

What It’s Like to be Represented by Sex Abuse & Assault Lawyer, Brian Kent

sexual assault lawyer review

“My name is Melissa and I have been working with Brian Kent. He’s been my lawyer for this case. I was a patient at a psych hospital when I was a teenager and unfortunately, the staff abuse their position and I was sexually assaulted by the psych techs there. Being such a sensitive topic, it was difficult for me to feel comfortable asking for help, especially asking for any sort of financial reimbursement. But Brian Kent has made the process as smooth and comfortable as possible. He has explained the legal process to me in a way that made sense, without me having to have a background in law and he’s helped me make decisions that I didn’t know how to make. Such as, do I settle or do I continue and take it to the court. He breaks down the situations and explains them to me so that I don’t feel that the situation is out of my control and out of my hands.” -Melissa

Review Published: June 9, 2013

Sex abuse victims deserve justice and can often obtain justice in the civil courts. Even if a sexual assault or abuse is not prosecuted in the criminal courts, a civil case may be brought against the abuser and/or the abuser’s employer, especially in cases of sex abuse within the following types of institutions:

  • hospitals,
  • schools,
  • churches, and
  • day care centers.

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