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The case referenced in the review below involved a hotel carbon monoxide poisoning in Philadelphia. Firm co-founder and partner Paul Bucci applied his skills as a construction accident lawyer to prove liability.

“Paul is one of the outstanding construction litigators in Pennsylvania. I had the pleasure of working with him on a very complex case involving carbon monoxide poisoning at a large hotel in the Philadelphia area. From the moment we met on the case, Paul had a detailed litigation plan which he followed right to the successful end. During depositions, it was apparent that Paul knew as much about the operations and engineering as did the defense witnesses. Ultimately, he leveraged his expertise into an excellent result for his client. I would strongly recommend Attorney Bucci to anyone in need of a trial lawyer.” -Jeff Gutkowski

Review Published: January 9, 2015

Legal Rights in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Cases

In many cases of carbon monoxide poisonings, multiple entities face liability. This helps to ensure maximum compensation for individuals who suffer, or worse, die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Pennsylvania law can be applied to hold those responsible, from the public businesses where carbon monoxide poisonings occur to the contractors hired to service machinery and the engineers who build equipment. The key is proper knowledge of the equipment and machinery involved in the case. That’s why these kinds of injury cases are extraordinarily complex and require review by someone with the knowledge and expertise to prove liability.

Injured victims and in the event of death, certain family members, may be able to obtain financial compensation including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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