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Review of Jeff Laffey, Pennsylvania Car & Truck Accident Lawyer

Car accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and extensive treatment and hospitalizations. The car and truck accident lawyers at our firm strive to provide stellar representation, and have the knowledge, expertise and reputation to successfully pursue car and truck accident cases against large insurance companies. For more information about car and truck accidents in Pennsylvania & New Jersey, visit our car and truck accident page.

Below is a review of one of our car and truck accident lawyers, Jeff Laffey. To read more about Jeff Laffey, click here.

“Everyone can recall where they were when tragedy struck on 9/11/2001. For me, I was in my first meeting with Jeff Laffey. That meeting became a silver lining for me.  I was considering leaving a lawyer with whom I was becoming dissatisfied.  Jeff’s name was given to me from a family member.  Upon the conclusion of my free consultation with him, I decided that all future legal dealings would be through him.  I have never regretted that decision and was wholly ecstatic with the results he obtained for me as a victim of a car accident. Even as Jeff displayed excellent legal knowledge, skill, and thoroughness, he has also shown me such individuality that I feel he has become a good friend through this process.  He is always available for any questions I may have, even if they do not pertain to my case.  His staff is very friendly and helpful. They know me by my nickname even before I identify myself! I have referred him to my sister who also was very pleased with the timely results he obtained for her.  I have also referred him to many satisfied friends and will continue to recommend him!” -Patricia

Review published: December 17, 2012

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