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Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey work accident and injury lawyers who have a combined 40+ years of trial experience handling work injury cases. Our lawyers are licensed in multiple states including Illinois, West Virginia, and New York.

New Jersey Construction Accident Case

$101 million – This construction accident occurred when the parking garage of the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ collapsed. Dozens of workers were injured and 4 were killed. This lawsuit resulted in the largest construction accident settlement in the U.S.

Pennsylvania Worksite Construction Accident

$13 million – This work accident occurred when a major building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania collapsed. Seven Pennsylvania area workers were injured.

Fall Accidents at Work in PA & NJ

$12 million – A construction worker (roofer) was critically injured in a work accident when he fell off the roof. The worker became quadriplegic as a result of major spinal injuries.

$8.5 million – A roof worker fell off the roof of a worksite and suffered spinal cord injuries resulting in permanent paraplegia.

$5 million – A construction laborer died after he fell from the 4th floor of a construction building.

$4 million – A worker who fell 20 feet suffered a major brain injury.

$2.5 million – A carpenter fell at a worksite because of a defective product.

$1 million – A carpenter suffered broken bones in his feet when he fell through scaffold at a construction site.

$750,000 – A worker tripped and fell due to a contractor’s negligence and suffered major shoulder injuries.

Get more info about work related fall accidents and injuries.

Other Serious Work Accidents

$13 million – A work accident resulting in an above the knee amputation of the plaintiff’s right leg.

$2.5 million – A work accident resulting in a below the knee amputation of the plaintiff’s right leg.

Forklift Accident at a Dock in New Jersey

$2.75 million – A worker was run over and dragged by a forklift at a dock/terminal in New Jersey. A video recorded the entire accident which showed the forklift striking the worker and dragging him for several feet. The worker sustained major trauma to the legs. Read more about this NJ work accident.

Other Work Related Accidents

$2 million – An inadvertent release of dangerous chemicals at a local oil company, causing serious burn and inhalation injuries to three union carpenters.

$1.5 million – Injuries sustained in a work accident, where a worker sustained severe burn injuries as a result of an electrical explosion.

$1 million – A factory supervisor sustained serious injuries when his hand was crushed at work due to faulty equipment.

Six Figure Recovery – A defective punch press machinery work accident case in Pennsylvania.

Laffey, Bucci & Kent – Offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Our law firm has offices in multiple states, including Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Plymouth Meeting) and New Jersey (Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, Iselin). For more information, visit our work accident, injury law library and get access to free legal articles.

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Last updated: July 29, 2015