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Philadelphia Work Injury Compensation Lawyers

Maximize Compensation for Your Work Accident Injuries – Beyond Workers’ Comp

Out of all the counties in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County ranks highest in terms of the number of reported work injuries and accidents. This makes sense since Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania.

Our work injury lawyers will examine workers’ rights to compensation in Pennsylvania in one of the common scenarios involving work injuries and accidents in Philadelphia—fall accidents.

At the outset, it’s important to note that Philadelphia workers who are injured in accidents at work may be able to make two types of claims. First and foremost, injured workers may make workers’ compensation claims. In addition, injured workers may be eligible to receive financial compensation from other, non-employer third parties, i.e., negligent parties. Basically, Pennsylvania law prevents an injured worker from suing an employer for a work injury, so long as the employer provided workers’ compensation benefits. Therefore, in the majority of Philadelphia work injury cases, the employer would not be able to be sued in civil court for a negligence claim.

Work Related Fall Accident in Philadelphia

Whether it’s a slip, trip and fall accident or a roof fall accident, falls at work are one of the most common types of work related accidents. Injuries often include broken limbs, such as broken arms or legs. In addition, spinal injuries are common, such as herniated disks.

Example – Philadelphia Worker Injured in a Fall Accident

A Philadelphia resident is badly injured in a fall accident at work when the stairs he is walking on collapses. He sustains major head trauma, spinal injuries and fractures his leg. He needs surgery and physical therapy and is out of work for several months.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Philadelphia

Immediately after the accident, he files a claim for workers’ compensation benefits with his employer. His medical bills and roughly half of his weekly salary (AKA: indemnity) are covered under the workers’ compensation claim. He does not have an applicable disability policy. As a result, he suffers serious financial hardship from losing half his pay for several months. In addition, per Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law, he cannot make a claim for pain and suffering via the workers’ compensation claim.

Getting Full Financial Compensation – Beyond the Workers’ Compensation Claim

Is there any way this worker can seek financial compensation for his lost wages and pain and suffering? Yes, if it can be shown that another, non-employer party was negligent in maintaining the stairwell. The negligent party may be ordered to pay for pain and suffering and financial losses.

The worker consults with a work injury lawyer who begins to investigate the case. It’s discovered that the employer rents the space from a large commercial landlord who assumes responsibility for stairwell maintenance and repair.

The lawyer files a lawsuit on the worker’s behalf naming the landlord as the defendant. The lawsuit includes a claim for pain and suffering and all of the financial damages, even those already covered by the workers’ compensation claim. This is allowed under Pennsylvania law and is known as subrogation. In the event the lawsuit is successful and the injured worker obtains financial recovery from the landlord, workers’ compensation law requires him to reimburse the employer for a portion of what was paid (medical bills and indemnity) on his behalf.

Philadelphia Work Injury Compensation Lawyer – Make Sure You Get the Maximum Compensation You’re Entitled to

Our Philadelphia work injury compensation lawyers have been helping injured workers for many years. Our lawyers have over 40 years of combined experience helping workers and their families receive maximum compensation for work accidents. Millions recovered for workers in the PA and NJ area. 215.399.9255 (Walnut Street, Center City office)

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