Sidewalk Fall Accidents in Philadelphia – Do You Need a Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in a fall accident on a sidewalk in Philadelphia, be sure to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. Getting evidence of the defect that caused the accident is very important. This can help with legal issues later on.

Below, our accident and injury lawyers have provided access to legal articles about sidewalk fall accident law applicable to Philadelphia. These articles are for information only. For legal advice, talk to one of our lawyers. Combined, our lawyers have over 40 years of experience and have achieved over $150 million in verdicts and settlements for their clients.

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How to Succeed in Your Case

Winning a fall accident lawsuit is no easy task. There are many variables. First, you must identify the correct party within Pennsylvania’s general 2 year statute of limitations period (minors get until their 20th birthday). Second, you must have sufficient evidence of negligence. Third, the injuries and damages must be serious enough.

Identify the Correct Parties

In a typical sidewalk fall accident case in Philadelphia, multiple parties may be sued. In some instances, it is challenging to identify the correct parties. For instance, a pedestrian falls outside of a grocery store in Philadelphia due to a broken area of sidewalk. The grocery store subcontracts sidewalk maintenance to another party. Therefore, both the grocery store company and the maintenance company may be liable. If the maintenance company is not identified and sued or added as a party within the 2 year statute of limitations, the case may be lost. This is an example of the kind of complex legal issue which often arises in these kinds of lawsuits.

Evidence of Negligence

Evidence of negligence basically boils down to proving that the responsible party(s) had prior knowledge of the dangerous condition or should have had prior knowledge of the condition. Sufficient evidence of notice or knowledge depends on the circumstances of the case. Evidence in these cases often includes:

  • prior accidents,
  • prior complaints,
  • sidewalk maintenance procedures and protocols, and
  • employee maintenance logs.

Injuries & Damages

Most sidewalk fall accident cases will go the distance. Insurance companies often push these cases to trial, rather than negotiating a reasonable settlement. This increases the expenses involved in the case. Preparing a case for trial can easily cost $5,000 or more; most of these fees are costs of hiring experts, like medical experts or liability experts. Therefore, the injuries and damages which resulted from the accident must be serious enough to warrant proceeding to trial.

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