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About the Firm

Combined, our lawyers have over 40 years of experience handling personal injury matters in the Philadelphia area, as well as throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our practice extends well beyond the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. Our lawyers are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Illinois and New York. With offices in 4 states, our law firm is uniquely positioned to help injured individuals throughout the U.S. Click here for a list of our offices.


The firm was founded in 2009 by Jeff Laffey, Paul Bucci and Brian Kent. These lawyers formed Laffey, Bucci & Kent with a basic principle in mind – treat clients with utmost respect, recognizing that the client is the boss.

Philadelphia – The Primary Office

The Philadelphia office is located in Center City, Philadelphia, less than 2 blocks from City Hall. Located on Walnut Street near Broad Street and near all major SEPTA lines, the Philadelphia office is centrally located for the firm’s Pennsylvania and New Jersey clients.

The firm chose Philadelphia as its primary office due to the founding partners’ ties to the Philadelphia area. Mr. Laffey and Mr. Kent were born and raised in the greater Philadelphia area and also completed their legal studies at local law schools.

Mr. Laffey is the son of a Philadelphia area union carpenter who has spent his entire career helping injured workers and their families after work related accidents. He provides safety talks to local unions on a regular basis. In 2009, Mr. Laffey founded a unique non-profit organization, Tailgating for Trades (T4T). T4T raises funds for injured workers in Philadelphia.

Mr. Bucci is a renowned work accident and construction lawyer. Alone, his verdicts and settlements in work accident cases total over $100 million. He has handled literally 100s of work accident and injury cases in over 15 years as a personal injury lawyer. Many of his cases were in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Mr. Kent is a former assistant prosecutor with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office located in Norristown, just outside of the Philadelphia city limits where he prosecuted sex offenders. This experience has fueled a unique passion to help victims of crime in the civil courts.

Philadelphia Area Work Injury Cases

Naturally, with the home office located in Philadelphia, the firm concentrates on Philadelphia work accident and injury cases. Much of the firm’s practice is dedicated to helping injured workers and their families in obtaining full and fair financial compensation for work related injuries. This requires an in-depth knowledge of OSHA regulations and theories of liability against contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, etc. The reality is that most workers and employees are completely unaware of their legal rights after a work accident. Many think that their only recourse is workers’ compensation benefits. This is completely untrue and inaccurate. Under the work injury laws of most states including Pennsylvania and New Jersey, injured workers have legal rights against non-employer parties.

The firm’s injury lawyers have dedicated their careers to helping Philadelphia area residents who have been injured in work accidents. For example, Mr. Laffey handled a work accident case in Philadelphia, the Kimmel Center construction collapse which triggered a subsequent scaffold accident. That case ended in a $12 million settlement. This case is one of dozens, if not hundreds, of Philadelphia area work accident cases the firm has handled.

Philadelphia Area Crime Victims Civil Cases

The firm’s Philadelphia crime victims injury practice includes sexual abuse/assault by priests and clergy, school employees and medical professionals. In addition, the firm handles physical assault, negligent security, and DUI auto accident cases.

With Mr. Kent’s prior experience as a prosecutor, the firm is passionate about seeking justice for crime victims. Since its inception, the firm has represented victims of crime in civil lawsuits against perpetrators as well as other parties whose negligence contributed to the crimes. Mr. Kent has handled many school abuse cases, including sexual abuse and assault by school employees (teachers, coaches, etc.). Recently, he represented a former Philadelphia area student in a sexual abuse case against her high school teacher. That case ended in a confidential six figure settlement.

Philadelphia Area Premises Liability (Fall Accident) Cases

Premises liability is a legal term which encompasses many different types of cases. Basically premises liability refers to the liability of a business, such as a store, mall, restaurant, etc. The most common type of case is a slip and fall or trip and fall accident. Other types of cases include merchandise display accidents, parking lot defect accidents, stairway accidents, child injury accidents, etc.

Philadelphia Auto Accident Cases

Car accidents, truck accidents and pedestrian accidents are among the most common types of auto or motor vehicle accidents in the Philadelphia area. There are literally hundreds of auto related accidents each week in the city and county of Philadelphia. Roads and highways in the city with high rates of auto accidents are:

  • all major highways (I-76, I-95, I-476),
  • Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia,
  • City Line Avenue, and
  • Kelly Drive in the west area of Philadelphia.

The firm’s auto accident and injury practice is dedicated to helping residents of Philadelphia (and those out of state) navigate the insurance process of PIP (personal injury protection) claims and UIM/UM claims. If a lawsuit is required, our Philadelphia auto accident lawyers work to obtain maximum financial compensation for injuries in the shortest amount of time possible.

Other Injury Cases We Accept

The firm also accepts other injury and accident cases such as defective product injury cases and medical malpractice cases. Product manufacturers, distributors and retailers are required to make and sell products that are reasonably fit for their intended uses. Individuals who are seriously injured in product accidents may make injury claims to recover for their injuries and financial losses. In the Philadelphia area, the firm has handled many products liability cases. For example, the firm successfully brought a products liability claim against a major nail gun manufacturer for a defective nail gun. That case ended in a $1 million settlement.

Medical malpractice lawsuits in Philadelphia have been increasingly rare. This is due to changes in Pennsylvania medical malpractice laws which make it harder for individuals to pursue medical negligence claims. Also, because of the increasing expenses in bringing medical malpractice lawsuits, the number of these types of claims has been decreasing over the last decade. However, medical negligence can and does occur, and these cases can be pursued successfully. Patients who suffer serious complications from medical negligence in Philadelphia hospitals and doctors’ offices must consult with an experienced medical negligence lawyer immediately. The lawyer must have the financial resources to pursue a claim and must also know the right questions to ask when analyzing the claim for merit.

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