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Pennsylvania & New Jersey Wrongful Death Lawyers – Library of Legal Articles

The PA & NJ wrongful death law library is brought to you by the wrongful death lawyers at the Pennsylvania and New Jersey law firm of Laffey, Bucci & Kent. Our firm handles matters across the country via special court admission (pro hac vice) and always seeks to provide the best possible outcomes. Get more information about our Wrongful Death Law Practice (click below). Please call the firm for more information or to obtain a free case review. 800.220.7600

Most Recent Wrongful Death Law Article

  • Pennsylvania Injury Law – Waivers of Liability for Sports Accidents (December 22, 2016) In a recent Pennsylvania court case, a waiver of liability was upheld against a widow in a sports accident case that occurred in Philadelphia. The same court reversed its prior ruling in the case a year ago, which allowed the widow’s claim to proceed. An appeal has been filed with the PA Supreme Court.

Recommended for You – Learn About Wrongful Death Lawsuits in PA & NJ

  • Is It Too Late to File a Wrongful Death Action in Pennsylvania? (March 10, 2015) When surviving family members come to our office for a wrongful death action, one of the first legal questions revolves around whether it is too late to file a wrongful death or survival action. Last month, a Philadelphia resident lost her mother and contacted our office about a wrongful death lawsuit. The time limits for wrongful death actions vary and depend on what type of injury or accident caused the death. It’s crucial to get a wrongful death lawyer involved quickly. Make sure you find the best lawyer for your case.
  • What is the Statute of Limitations for a Wrongful Death Work Accident? (December 22, 2014) Work related accidents and injuries are responsible for thousands of fatalities each year in the U.S., including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In Pennsylvania alone, 200 Pennsylvania residents were killed last year in work accidents. Laws setting time limits for wrongful death actions are very complex.
  • Pennsylvania Wrongful Death & Survival Lawsuits (December 19, 2014) What’s the difference between a wrongful death action and a survival action? Here, our lawyers discuss the Wrongful Death Act and how it differs from a survival action. Learn what damages claims are allowed under each type of action.
  • Statute of Limitations in Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Lawsuits (December 19, 2014) Wrongful death cases are some of the most complex accident cases. They often involve complicated, fact-intensive questions relating to time of death, cause of death, etc. These factors also determine when the statute of limitations starts ticking. The reality is that the actual time limit or statute of limitations applicable in a given case may vary, depending on the underlying negligent conduct which led to the death.
  • Wrongful Death Claims in Medical Malpractice Cases (December 8, 2012) Wrongful death actions in medical malpractice situations should only be handled by lawyers with extensive experience handling these types of cases. Even experienced lawyers can make mistakes when applying the statute of limitations to medical negligence death cases. This article discusses 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statues Section 8301, PA’s wrongful death statute.

Other News, Articles, Etc.

  • Carbon Monoxide Found at Philadelphia Restaurant (June 1, 2015) Last week, a downtown Philadelphia restaurant was evacuated due to carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. Carbon monoxide poisoning is often fatal because it is practically undetectable. Across the country, there have been many fatalities due to carbon monoxide poisonings at restaurants, hotels, etc.
  • Holiday Accidents & Hazards: Fires, Falls & Alcohol Accidents (December 22, 2014) Holiday accidents such as fires or alcohol accidents often result in fatalities. In fact, the months of November, December and January are peak months of auto accidents. Such deaths are almost always preventable.
  • Pennsylvania Sugar Plant Worker’s Death Reveals Workplace Safety Problems (August 5, 2014) Businesses in the U.S. are increasingly turning to use of temporary workers or contractors in an effort to turn profits. The problem is that these workers are often poorly trained. In this recent case, a sugar plant worker was killed after he was buried under a mound of sugar. While the employer and temp agency would probably be immune from liability, machinery companies may not be immune.
  • Warehouse-Storage Accident (Pallet Jack) Kills PA Worker (July 12, 2014) Warehouse workers often suffer serious injuries and fatalities. By far, the most common mechanism of injury is heavy equipment such as forklifts, jacks, etc. When fatal work accidents occur, the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration conducts an investigation that can take weeks or months. Oftentimes, these investigations reveal that OSHA regulations were violated or outright ignored.
  • Philadelphia Accident at Store Kills Girl – A Discussion of Store Accident Liability Law in Pennsylvania (July 5, 2014) Businesses are usually required to provide a reasonably safe premises for patrons and customers. A small child was killed at a Philadelphia area ice cream shop when a security gate detached from the outside façade and struck the girl, killing her.
  • Florida Teen Commits Suicide After Being Bullied Online and at School (September 20, 2013) Bullying continues to take the lives of an increasing number of children and teens. Online activity and smartphones increases the extent of bullying behavior, leaving children and teens to feel that they can’t escape. One legal issue that comes up: can schools or other entities be held liable in a wrongful death action?
  • New Jersey Truck Accident Fatalities Caused by Illegal U-Turn (August 8, 2013) New Jersey is one of the most heavily traveled states in the U.S., and each year, hundreds of people are killed on NJ roadways. Truck accidents and highway accidents are some of the most common causes of fatal auto accidents in NJ.
  • What claims can be made in a Pennsylvania medical malpractice case that results in death? (December 10, 2012) In Pennsylvania, surviving family members can file legal actions when medical negligence results in the death of a loved one. There are two types of claims: wrongful death and survival claims. Both of these claims are based on negligence of a medical professional. They differ in terms of the claims for damages that may be made.
  • Worker Killed in Logging Accident (July 16, 2012) Of all the industries in the U.S., the logging industry has one of the highest fatal accident rates. There are two reasons logging is so dangerous. First, workers who come into contact (struck by) felled trees are likely to sustain catastrophic injuries. Second, logging operations often occur far away from easy access roads, making emergency response that much harder. By the time an injured logger gets to a hospital, precious minutes and even hours have likely passed.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Each year, there are hundreds of wrongful death lawsuits filed in courts across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Surviving family members are often forced to file wrongful death and survival actions in order to obtain justice for their deceased loved ones.

Too often, families encounter significant financial hardship after the death of a loved one. Waiting too long to seek legal advice can adversely affect legal rights.

Top Causes of Injury in Wrongful Death & Survival Actions

Wrongful death and survival actions are commonly filed in the following types of situations:

  • work injury/accidents,
  • auto accidents,
  • crime victim cases,
  • brain/head injuries,
  • defective product accidents, and
  • alcohol accidents.

About Our Wrongful Death Law Practice

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