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By a Philadelphia, PA sex abuse crime victims lawyer

One of the worst nightmares for parents is finding out their child was a victim of sex abuse. Reports of children sexually abused by adults are often in the news. In Pennsylvania, there are many reports of high school and middle school students sexually abused by their teachers, as well as children sexually abused by priests. See Recent Student Sex Abuse News in Pennsylvania Schools– By a Phila. PA Sex Abuse Lawyer

Sexual predators do not randomly pick their victims. Often, they pick children who are vulnerable. A PA teacher may prey on a student whose parents are going through a divorce or a student who does not have a father figure in his/her life.

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For instance, a male teacher who is a sexual predator knows that a female student’s parents have been divorced since she was baby. Her mom often works in order to provide for the family. The teacher starts to pay more attention to the girl. He helps her with her school work and tells her how well she is doing in his class. The girl starts to trust the teacher and grows very fond of the teacher. The teacher then starts to meet the girl outside of school by taking her to dinner and buying things for her in the mall. One day, he makes sexual advances on the girl and tells her that he loves her. Thereafter, they begin to have a sexual relationship.

The girl is conflicted about the relationship she has with her teacher. She feels that something is not right, but really likes her teacher and truly believes that he loves her. Therefore, she doesn’t tell anyone about her relationship with the teacher. Meanwhile her grades at school start to dip, and her personality changes. She is often moody and locks herself in her room when she gets home. Her mother thinks that she is just being a typical teenager, but these are some signs children exhibit when they are sexually abused.

When children are sexually abused by their teachers, there are signs that parents can look for, such as:

  • the child may seem distracted or distant,
  • the child has sudden mood swings,
  • the child brings home gifts or toys,
  • the child exhibits adult-like sexual behaviors, i.e., how they talk and what they know, and/or
  • the child draws pictures of sexual images.

It is important for parents to talk to their children about sex abuse. Adults need to educate their children from a young age. Parents can simply tell them that no one has the right to touch their private parts and explain inappropriate touching. When the children get older, it is important for parents to continue the conversation and discuss things they may not have discussed when they were younger.

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