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Dock & Marine Terminal Accidents


Pennsylvania & New Jersey Work Injury Lawyers: Dock & Marine Terminal Accidents

Page updated: February 27, 2017

PA and NJ Dock & Marine Terminal Work Accident Cases

The export and import of goods drives our global economy.  It is increasingly rare to see the words “Made in the USA” printed on our products or clothing tags.  This means that each year, an increasing number of companies ship goods to and from multiple countries across the globe.  Some of the nation’s largest ports are located in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York area, which employ hundreds, if not thousands of workers.

Despite federal laws and OHSA regulations designed to prevent dock and marine terminal accidents, dock workers and terminal workers are injured in accidents each day.  In many situations, those accidents can be fatal or result in catastrophic, life-changing injury.

The most common types dock and marine terminal accidents happen as a result of:

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Rights of Dock and Terminal Workers Injured in PA and NJ

Dock and marine terminal workers who are seriously injured in Pennsylvania or New Jersey work accidents may be able to obtain financial compensation over and above workers’ compensation, Jones Act or Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation.  Unfortunately, most injured dock and terminal workers only make workers’ compensation claims.

Under work injury laws in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, non-employer parties can be held liable for causing a work injury. These parties may be held liable to pay for an injured worker’s injuries and damages.

In dock and marine terminal worker injury cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the potentially liable parties often include:

  •  employers,
  • contractors,
  • subcontractors,
  • equipment manufacturers, distributors and retailers,
  • equipment rental companies, and
  • service/maintenance companies.

For example, a shipping container company, equipment management company or even the dock/terminal itself may be liable for causing a work accident. In a typical dock injury lawsuit, multiple parties may be found liable and have to pay a share of the injured worker’s damages.

Therefore, it is vital to speak to an experienced work accident lawyer as soon as possible to determine liability of others.  You may be entitled to financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, as well as, future pain and suffering, future medical bills/treatment and more.

TOP Rated Pennsylvania and New Jersey Work Injury Lawyers

Our work injury lawyers are passionate about helping workers injured in dock or marine terminal accidents. Our firm’s partners come from families of union workers. Managing partner Jeff Laffey comes from a family of union carpenters in Philadelphia and has spent his entire career helping injured workers get compensated for their work injuries.

Our attorneys are recognized as top rated lawyers by Super Lawyers, and The National Trial Lawyers. Five of our attorneys have been recognized as “Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia” by Super Lawyers magazine.

If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt or killed in a Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey or New York, dock or marine terminal accident contact our experienced, highly rated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey work accident lawyers for a free, confidential consultation.  215.399.9255/800.220.760

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