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Electric Shock Accidents


Top Rated Pennsylvania & New Jersey Work Injury Lawyers: Electric Shock Accidents

Case Results in Electric Shock Accidents at Work

  • $2.5 million – The electrocution death of a union electrician on the job, when electrical switch gear malfunctioned
  • $1.5 million – Injuries incurred in a workplace accident  where plaintiff sustained severe burn injuries as a result of an electrical explosion
  • Confidential Seven Figure Recovery– Construction worker killed when he came into contact with an uncapped, live electrical wire

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PA and NJ Work Related Electric Accident Lawsuits

Many work electrical accidents occur on construction sites or during power installations/repair. Oftentimes, workers who come into contact with electricity often suffer fatal injuries. If not fatal, the injuries are usually catastrophic.

Major internal injuries, organ failure and extensive flesh wounds result from electric shocks. Burns at the point of entry can be severe and disfigurement or significant scarring usually occurs. Internal damage to organs can also occur.  In some instances, involuntary muscle contraction during the shock can cause damage to tissue and bone fractures.  Many electrical accidents result in heart or respiratory failure, leading to death.

Workers who are at heights or in other dangerous positions often sustain major, secondary injuries when they fall. For instance, a roof worker gets electrocuted while performing work 2 stories high. He falls the full 2 stories after coming into contact with a live wire. The electric shock injury results in a serious flesh wound, and the fall results in fractures to his spine.

The most common types of electrocution or electric shock accidents happen as a result of:

  • improper use of extension cords
  • lack of ground-fault protection
  • direct or indirect contact with power lines
  • improper use of equipment
  • use of flammable materials near electrical work
  • improper path to ground

Employer Liability in PA & NJ

Under both Pennsylvania & New Jersey workers’ compensation law, workers injured in electric shock accidents are usually prohibited from suing an employer for having caused the accident. That’s the nature of workers’ compensation benefits. If you’re injured and your employer offers workers’ comp, you usually can’t sue your employer to get compensated for the work accident. However, there are different exceptions to this rule. One of the most commonly applied exceptions is the intentional wrong exception. In some cases, an employer acts with such recklessness that courts will allow an injured worker to file a lawsuit for the work accident. Courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are pretty clear that the conduct has to be intentional, not just negligent.

For example, in New Jersey, injured workers may be able to sue employers who commit an intentional wrong. In general, a NJ employer who consciously disregards the health and safety of its employees can be held liable when there is evidence of fraudulent, wrongful behavior. The conduct must be especially egregious. Lying to or intentionally misleading workplace safety inspectors or falsifying documents is usually the type of conduct that results in employer liability in New Jersey.

In a recent NJ appeals court case from October 2017, a worker injured in an electric explosion at work was allowed to sue his employer, a plastics materials company. The evidence in that case showed that the company’s operations were especially dangerous due to highly flammable plastic dust that covered much of the facility. After a previous explosion, the company issued safety protocols that weren’t followed, and state and federal work safety inspectors were misled about the extent of operations. The trial court ruled in favor of the company/employer. An appeals court overturned the trial court and held that the case could go forward.

Rights of Pennsylvania and New Jersey Workers Injured in Electrocution Accidents

In Pennsylvania or New Jersey electrocution or electrical accidents resulting in serious injury, the potential liable parties often include:

  •  employers
  • contractors
  • subcontractors
  • equipment manufacturers, distributors and retailers for products liability claims
  • equipment rental companies
  • service/maintenance companies


Any worker or electrician who is seriously injured in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey electrocution accident may be able to obtain financial compensation over and above workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, most injured workers and electricians only make workers’ compensation claims.

It is vital to speak to an experienced electrical accident lawyer as soon as possible to determine liability of others.  You may be entitled to compensation for future pain and suffering, future medical bills/treatment and more.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Electrocution Accident and Injury Lawyers

At Laffey, Bucci & Kent, our experienced work injury attorneys are committed to providing quality representation and individual attention to their clients and their clients’ families.

Our highly rated Philadelphia, PA and NJ electrical accident lawyers and attorneys have over 50 years of experience handling cases against contractors, subcontractors and product manufacturers in work accidents. Each of the firm’s partners are rated as “Top Personal Injury Lawyers” by Super Lawyers magazine.

If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt or killed in a Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey or New York, workplace electric shock accident, contact our experienced, highly rated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury lawyers for a free, confidential consultation.  215.399.9255/800.220.7600

Page last reviewed and updated: October 17, 2017