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Whether for manufacturing or for use on a construction site, forklifts are used across all industries. Here are some common kinds of forklifts used in the U.S.:

  • hand pallet trucks,
  • counterbalanced trucks,
  • low lift trucks,
  • stacker trucks,
  • reach trucks, and
  • sideloader trucks.

Forklifts are inherently dangerous due in large part to their size and weight. The average forklift weighs roughly 9,000 pounds. Each year, forklift accidents account for many fatalities and injuries. Forklift accidents, especially in forklift overturn situations, result in serious injuries. Crushed limbs, amputations and spinal cord injuries are very common. That is why adequate safety training and OSHA mandated refresher training are so important. Sufficient training can and does prevent forklift accidents and resulting injuries.

In 2011, OSHA issued a list of the top ten most frequently cited violations. Forklift violations are number 7 on the list.


*Source: OSHA




Forklift operators must be trained on safety and proper use of a forklift. In many cases, employers fail to provide such training. Other workers and even bystanders may become injured as a result.

Work accident laws of Pennsylvania and New Jersey may allow an injured worker to obtain financial recovery for injuries sustained on the job, and not just from workers’ compensation benefits. In many forklift accident situations, workers may be able to obtain financial recovery from other non-employer parties.

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