Delaware Judge Admits to Sexual Abuse in Settlement of Civil Action

Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia, PA – January 21, 2010… Brian D. Kent, a partner in the Philadelphia firm of Laffey, Bucci & Kent, today announced a settlement in two sexual abuse civil cases against Delaware Court of Common Pleas Judge William C. Bradley, Jr.

The settlement, according to Kent, included a cash award as well as a letter of admission in which Judge Bradley acknowledges his actions against the victim in this case, Mr. Greg Kelly, now of Las Vegas, NV.

“This case should serve as a model of courage and persistence for all victims of crimes, especially sex crimes,” said Mr. Kent. “Mr. Kelly deserves our praise and admiration. Despite many obstacles, he was determined to seek justice for the heinous actions perpetrated against him as a young boy. And he has been successful.”

Kent noted that the victim first attempted to pursue legal action against Judge Bradley 13 years ago, but was unsuccessful in that effort. Mr. Kelly then filed a Complaint himself against Bradley after he was unable to find a Delaware attorney to represent him against the Judge. Mr. Kelly subsequently contacted the attorneys at Laffey, Bucci & Kent, who accepted the case, along with Roger Landon and Philip Edwards of the Wilmington law firm Landon & Murphy.

The other case is a “John Doe” case and the terms of the settlement are confidential. Laffey, Bucci & Kent is also responsible for settlement of the “John Doe” case.

“As a former sex crimes prosecutor, I have personally worked with many victims of sex crimes,” he noted. “The impact of sex crimes is devastating to the victim. The ability of Mr. Kelly to persevere is admirable. We hope Judge Bradley’s acknowledgement of his actions can bring a measure of comfort to Mr. Kelly.”

Also, Kent expressed his appreciation of the Delaware Legislature for their action in creating the opportunity for victims of these crimes to have a new opportunity to seek civil justice.