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New Jersey Work Injury Lawyers


New Jersey Work Accident Lawyers

Offices in Cherry Hill, Atlantic City and Iselin

Our Lawyers Help Injured Workers in New Jersey

Our New Jersey work injury and accident lawyers have been involved in some of the largest work injury cases in the state of New Jersey. Combined, our lawyers have achieved over $150 million in injury/accident cases in PA and NJ. Recently, firm partner Paul Bucci represented clients (construction workers) in the largest construction accident case, the $101 million Atlantic City hotel construction accident case.

With three office locations in New Jersey, the firm is uniquely positioned to handle cases throughout the state. Our work accident lawyers take great pride in helping injured workers and their families in major cities such as Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, Newark, etc.

What’s New in New Jersey Work Safety: NJ Manufacturing Company Fined $2 Million for 51 OSHA Violations [August 15, 2017: A Camden, NJ company was fined last month for over 50 OSHA violations; many were willful or repeat violations. The company received a $1.9 million penalty.]

Our NJ Work Injury Lawyers – Blue Collar Backgrounds

steel frame workerFirm partners Jeff Laffey and Brian Kent come from blue collar working families. Attorney Brian Kent comes from a background of steel workers.

Attorney Jeff Laffey prides himself on having been raised “on the union dime” and has made it his life’s work to provide the absolute best legal representation he can to injured workers. Mr. Laffey often gives presentations to local unions and supports various union/labor events. In addition, he co-founded a nonprofit organization, Tailgating for Trades, which raises funds for injured workers and their families in the greater Philadelphia, PA region.

Related: Laffey, Bucci & Kent Sponsors Philadelphia AFL-CIO 2014 Conference, February 2014 [Work injury lawyer Jeff Laffey and his firm proudly sponsored the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO’s Annual Conference this past weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey.]

How Most Work Injuries Occur in New Jersey

New Jersey Work Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are one of the most common types of work related accidents in New Jersey. Whether it’s a residential site at the Jersey Shore or a commercial construction site in one of NJ’s largest cities (Newark, Jersey City, etc.), the reality is that dozens of construction workers are killed in on the job accidents, and hundreds more are injured. Fall accidents and equipment accidents are two of the most common causes of construction related work injuries in NJ. Falls accidents include roof falls, slip, trip and falls, and scaffold falls (or scaffold collapse accidents).

Latest Post: New Jersey Work Injuries at Construction Sites – What Injured Workers Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation and Other Legal Rights (Posted on October 26, 2017)

Equipment accidents often involve forklifts, cranes, and other construction equipment such as rollers, dozers, etc. For instance, workers at a New Jersey commercial construction site may be injured or killed in a crane collapse accident, or a worker who is working on a roof may fall because of the lack of adequate fall protection (guard rails or personal protective equipment). Related: Equipment Accidents on Construction Sites & OSHA

New Jersey Industrial & Manufacturing Accidents

Industrial and manufacturing accidents also result in many work accidents in New Jersey, which ranks 12th in the U.S. for its manufacturing industry. There are many chemical, pharmaceutical, food and product manufacturers located in the state. Many companies are strategically located near major ports such as:

  • Elizabeth-Union,
  • Newark,
  • Jersey, and
  • Philadelphia.

Workers are often injured at plants, factories, warehouses, ports/terminals and loading docks. Common causes of accidents include machinery accidents/failures, chemical exposures, and equipment accidents. Cases often involve defective equipment or negligent conduct of an equipment operator.

More: Workers’ Rights to a Safe Workplace in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Work Accidents & Injuries in New Jersey

injured construction workerWork accidents often result in very serious injuries. Workers in both South and North New Jersey often suffer major injuries such as spinal injuries, fractures and brain injuries. Many work accidents are fatal. While many injuries heal over time, some injuries leave long lasting symptoms, some of which can prevent a worker from getting back to work. Getting compensation is of utmost importance, especially in these types of cases.

Compensation for Work Injuries in New Jersey – Beyond Workers’ Compensation Benefits

New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits are generally limited to medical benefit coverage and indemnity (lost pay). While medical bills are usually covered 100%, wage loss payments are usually capped by statute. Most injured workers making workers’ compensation claims for indemnity will receive no more than 2/3 (66%) of their average weekly wage.

However, what most injured workers in NJ don’t realize is that they may have legal rights to compensation over and beyond workers’ compensation benefits. Tort or injury claims may be made against property owners, machine manufacturers, contractors, etc. This is especially true given that many work sites are multi-employer sites, i.e., multiple employers are performing work at a site. One employer’s negligence may lead to a major work accident, thus injuring those employed by other companies at the site.

New Jersey tort laws applicable in work injury cases allow injured parties (injured workers and their families) to make claims for both financial losses and non-financial losses. Financial losses include medical bills and lost wages, even those already paid via workers’ compensation. In the event claims are made for benefits already received via workers’ compensation, an injured plaintiff may be required to reimburse the employer or workers’ compensation insurance carrier, depending on state law.

In addition, claims may be made for reasonably anticipated or expected future financial losses, such as future medical treatment costs or wage losses projected in the future. Non-financial losses include pain and suffering damages, the physical pain and mental anguish caused by an accident and the resulting injuries.

For more information, visit our Work Injury & Accident Law Library for info about NJ work accident cases.

Page last reviewed and updated: October 26, 2017