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Whether for roofing, siding or general construction work, nail guns are important tools for any residential and commercial builder. On any given construction site, multiple workers will be using nail guns. However, nail gun accidents are on the rise. Finger and hand injuries are often sustained. Head, torso and eye injuries can also occur. Nails or fasteners can get lodged into the skull and vital organs. Permanent muscle, tissue and nerve damage may result.

Nail Gun Accident Prevention & Safety – The Sequential Trigger

In terms of safety, the sequential trigger is a better design for nail guns, as compared to the contact trip trigger. The sequential trigger requires that the nose of the nail gun is pressed down or engaged before the trigger can be pulled. In other words, there is a sequence of events – the nose is pressed down before the trigger can be pulled.

The contact trip trigger allows the nail gun to fire any time the nose and trigger are depressed together. Contact trip trigger nail guns are more dangerous because unintended discharges and misfires are more likely to occur. Bystander injuries are more common with the contact trip trigger. Read about bystander injuries in defective product injury cases involving power tools.

Nail gun users, whether residential homeowners or experienced contractors, can injure bystanders with unintended discharge or misfire. Workplace fall accidents and going up/down ladders while holding a nail gun can result in these kinds of accidents. Last year, a girl was struck in the brain with a 3 inch nail when a relative accidentally discharged a nail as he was coming down a ladder.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Nail Gun Accident?

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, nail gun manufacturers, importers, distributors and/or retailers may be held liable in a nail gun accident case. Common claims include defective design, defective manufacture, failure to warn and negligence in the sale/recommendation of a nail gun.

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