Massage Therapist Sex Assault Lawsuits in New Jersey

In recent years, there has been a spike in the number of reports of sexual assaults by massage therapists across the country. New Jersey is home to many massage therapy spas or massage parlors. Oftentimes, sexual predators who become massage therapists use massage therapy sessions to abuse unsuspecting clients.

Laffey, Bucci & Kent focuses on civil sexual assault cases and has represented many victims of sex abuse, assault and molestation. The firm is now representing clients for massage therapist sex assault cases in New Jersey.

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The firm has a history of taking on sexual abusers. In one case, the firm handled a child molestation case against a sitting state court judge in Delaware despite receiving backlash from the legal community. See Greg Kelly v. William Bradley (April 2009, Delaware District Court). That case received widespread media attention both locally and nationally. The defendant, Judge William Bradley, admitted to the abuse, was disbarred and also agreed to pay a confidential sum to Mr. Kelly.

Massage Envy in New Jersey

Firm founder Brian D. Kent is a former sex crimes unit prosecutor and is leading the charge against Massage Envy. Massage Envy is a massage therapist/spa chain which is headquartered in Arizona. Currently, Mr. Kent’s law firm is representing nearly 30 women across the country who were sexually abused during a massage at a Massage Envy location.

There are roughly a dozen Massage Envy locations throughout the state of New Jersey. South New Jersey branches are located in Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel and Turnersville. North New Jersey branches are located in Princeton, New Brunswick and Paramus. A few branches are located closer to the New Jersey shore, including Brick and Toms River.

Mr. Kent’s firm has already filed several lawsuits alleging that policies at the national chain created a culture of sexual violence. Allegations include failure to report conduct to law enforcement, suppressing reports of massage therapists fondling clients during massages, etc.

So far, lawsuits have been filed in Pennsylvania and South Carolina. Lawsuits are expected to be filed in other states such as New York and California.

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New Jersey Massage Therapist Sex Assault Lawsuits

Massage assault cases have begun to emerge against other massage therapy spa businesses, not just Massage Envy. Sexual abuse and assault can occur in any massage therapist business in New Jersey.

Under New Jersey law, businesses can be held liable when sex assault occurs during massage therapy sessions, physical therapy, etc. The business may be held liable if there is sufficient evidence that an employee (massage therapist) committed prior acts of abuse or engaged in questionable conduct. In other words, was there any reason for the business to suspect that the perpetrator had any proclivity to abuse clients or customers? Therefore, these massage assault lawsuits depend on adequate investigation, finding prior complaints made against the therapist and other employees, the business’ policy regarding reporting of such behavior, etc.

Oftentimes, victims of abuse by massage therapists in New Jersey can receive financial compensation for their mental and emotional suffering, pain and suffering, etc.

New Jersey Sex Assault Victims Law Practice

Brian Kent has represented victims of crime across the country in a variety of assault cases including priest abuse cases, child molestation cases and teacher/school abuse cases. His law firm, Laffey, Bucci & Kent, has the resources to handle cases across the entire state of New Jersey. Call the firm’s New Jersey offices for more information. Click To Call

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