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Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law Library

Page last updated: November 19, 2015

The following articles, frequently asked questions and blogposts are provided by our Pennsylvania and New Jersey workers’ compensation accident lawyers. They are for information only. Prior to making any decisions about your case, it is vital to contact an experienced, knowledgeable work accident lawyer.

Most Recent

  • Can I sue workers’ compensation for pain and suffering? (June 14th, 2017) Can you sue workers compensation for pain and suffering? Workers’ compensation won’t pay for pain and suffering, but will pay for medical bills and disability from work. In some cases, lump sum payments may be made via workers’ comp for major injuries like the loss of a limb or eye.

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  • Can You Sue Your Employer for a Work Accident in Pennsylvania? (Part 1) (October 10, 2014) One of the first things an injured worker wants to know after suffering serious work injuries is whether he or she has the legal right to sue the employer. In Pennsylvania work accident cases, the usual answer is no. That’s because of the workers’ compensation system.
  • Pennsylvania Courts Recognize Injured Workers’ Rights to Recovery for Pre-Existing Injuries (April 7, 2014) Can an injured worker receive financial compensation for re-injuring a part of the body that sustained injuries years or months ago? Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law allows an injured worker to make a claim for aggravation of an existing injury. It must be established that the recent accident caused a flare up of symptoms. In this article, work accident lawyer Jeff Laffey discusses two recent Pennsylvania court cases which discuss this issue.
  • Steps in a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Claim (April 3, 2014) [INFOGRAPHIC] What are the basic steps in a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania? This article contains an infographic which explains the process, from the initial report of injury to the claims process.
  • What is the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act (February 10, 2014) It’s been roughly 100 years since Pennsylvania enacted the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Learn about the basics, including eligibility, claims, etc.
  • Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law – Benefits for Disfigurement (February 6, 2014) What types of workers’ compensation benefits are available for disfigurement caused by a work injury? In Pennsylvania, there are special rules for workers’ compensation claims when serious, permanent disfigurement occurs.

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Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law FAQs

  • PA Work Accident Q&A: What workers’ compensation benefits can you receive? (February 18, 2014) Under Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act, injured workers, such as factory workers, construction workers and office workers, are eligible to receive medical treatment and payment for wage loss, if necessary. There are specific time deadlines for making workers’ compensation claims. So you must act now.
  • PA Work Accident Law Q&A: Workers’ compensation benefits for scars (February 10, 2014) Can you receive workers’ compensation benefits for injuries that result in scarring? In most cases, the answer is yes. Work injuries in PA are usually covered and injured workers can receive medical treatment and indemnity (wage loss). However, in order to receive what are known as specific loss benefits, a special type of benefits, the scarring must be significant.

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About Our Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation & Accident Lawyers

Our lawyers come from families of union workers and care deeply about workplace safety and the rights of all workers. Firm founder, Jeff Laffey, is the proud son of a Philadelphia union carpenter. Firm founder, Brian Kent, comes from a family of iron workers and is a former prosecutor.

What Former Clients Have to Say About Our Work Accident Lawyers:

“I just can’t say enough great things about Jeff.  He handled everything from start to finish, absolutely beautifully. The main thing with Jeff was he was a straight shooter who always took care of me.” – Frank Gillmore, Union Operating Engineer

“I would like to thank Brian and his staff for making this process as stress-free and painless as they could. I would highly recommend Brian Kent to handle any workplace safety accident case.” – Joe

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*Disclaimer: The lawyers at Laffey, Bucci & Kent provide legal advice to individuals after accepting their case. No attorney-client relationship is created by this website. Nothing on this site is intended to provide legal advice. Because every case is unique, discussion of prior outcomes and settlements in past cases is no guarantee of a similar outcome in current or future cases. The firm handles work injury and accident matters and may handle workers’ compensation claims or refer them to other law firms.