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Child Sexual Abuse – Civil Lawsuit

This case involved the brutal and prolonged child sexual abuse of a young girl by several people, along with concealment of the abuse and blaming the victim for the abuse by several more people, which allowed the abuse to continue for years. Crime victim injury lawyers at the firm handled the case and achieved a great result for the client.

“The hardest, scariest, most uncertain, unwanted, physically and mentally crippling challenge in life one could ever imagine, my husband and I were guided throughout the legal process in confronting and getting closure to a horrible chapter in our lives that had brought us so much grief, shame and pain that affected our lives and those around us for years. The Lawyers at Laffey, Bucci and Kent and their staff guided us through the legal process to put an end to this part of our lives and finally be victorious over the people who hurt us so badly for so long. At Laffey, Bucci and Kent, they informed us of all options, what to expect and the best way to move forward, always answering phone calls and emails and still left final decisions up to us with confidence and reassurance. Without even a second thought, these lawyers are the best at what they do, and their names alone should be enough to make any defendant and their lawyer worry. We can’t thank them enough!” -J & J Doe

About the Firm’s Victim Injury Practice Group

Our lawyers specialize in child sexual abuse injury cases. We focus on helping survivors of child abuse who want to pursue justice in the civil courts. Firm founder Brian Kent is passionate about advocating for crime victims, especially victims of child molestation and abuse. Mr. Kent is a former prosecutor with the Montgomery County, PA District Attorney’s office. Since entering private practice, Mr. Kent has helped countless survivors obtain financial compensation. Learn more about our sexual abuse victim injury practice.
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Page last reviewed and updated: June 20, 2017