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Firm founder Jeff Laffey is the proud son of a union carpenter in the Philadelphia area. Since graduating from law school, Mr. Laffey has focused his legal practice on representing workers injured in work related accidents in the Philadelphia. He’s passionate about advocating for injured workers. Learn more about Philadelphia work accident lawyer, Jeff Laffey.

“I am a painter, and on 3-20-13 I was painting a door on a job sight when a 100 lb ladder that was not secured properly fell and struck me in the head, removing a large part of my scalp and giving me a serious concussion along with other problems that I still suffer from today. It has also cost me my job. I asked Laffey Bucci, Kent to represent me in a lawsuit to recover some of my losses from the company responsible for the ladder, but no one wanted to accept responsibility. Mr. Laffey assured me though it may take time, he would find the truth. Meanwhile, he sent someone to a doctor’s appointment with me and kept me informed of the progress in my case. In the end, he recovered enough for my family and I to be comfortable until I got back on my feet.” -James Rogers

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