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Negligent Security


Crimes in Public & Private Places – Security Failures

Major Victories by Our PA and NJ Injury Lawyers

  • Six Figure Recovery – Shooting death of a tenant at an apartment complex
  • Six Figure Recovery – Woman violently attacked by bar security personnel without provocation

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Philadelphia, PA and NJ Negligent Security Injury Cases

Crimes such as break-ins and robberies are an everyday fact of life, especially in big cities such as Philadelphia.  Such crimes can happen in apartment complexes, residences, residential high-rises, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, parking lots, college dorms, and college housing-anywhere.

Negligent security cases usually occur as a result of:

  • known or anticipated criminal behavior
  • faulty door looks/systems
  • inadequate lighting
  • security failures
  • employee crime

Rights of Victims – Philadelphia, PA and NJ Negligent Security Injury Law

Businesses aren’t generally liable for criminal activity on their premises. However, under Pennsylvania and New Jersey law, businesses have a duty to provide ordinary and reasonable safety measures for their guests or invitees.  This duty extends to landlords, property owners, and businesses alike:

Rights of Those Injured in Pennsylvania and New Jersey Negligent Security Cases

In negligent security cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the potential liable parties often include not only the business or housing complex where the crime occurred, but also property management companies, cleaning/maintenance contractors, and security contractors.

It is vital to speak to an experienced negligent security lawyer who will be able to properly investigate liability of all parties.  This ensures maximum recovery for seriously injured victims. Those injured in Pennsylvania or New Jersey negligent security cases may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Injury Lawyers Handling Negligent Security Cases

At the Philadelphia, PA and NJ personal injury accident­­ law firm of Laffey, Bucci & Kent, our experienced attorneys are committed to providing quality representation and individual attention to their clients and their clients’ families.

Our top rated Philadelphia, PA and NJ negligent security lawyers and attorneys have over 40 combined years of experience handling cases against businesses, property owners and landlords who fail to provide ordinary and reasonably security measures on their premises.  Their knowledge and expertise in dealing with defense counsel as well as insurance company representatives and adjusters can be invaluable when seeking justice in a negligent security injury case.

Our Philadelphia, PA and NJ personal injury lawyers will meet with you and discuss:

  • negligent security law
  • liability of the immediate business, landlord or property owner
  • liability of others such as maintenance contractors or security companies
  • damages and proof

If you or a loved one was seriously hurt or killed in a case involving negligent security in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey or New York, contact our experienced, highly rated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury attorneys for a free, confidential consultation.  215.399.9255/800.220.7600

Page last reviewed and updated: April 28, 2017