Pennsylvania and New Jersey Injury Lawyers: Bar and Restaurant Liability

Major Victories by Our PA and NJ Injury Lawyers for Alcohol Related Incidents

  • $4.4 million –  A car crash resulted in two passengers being killed and another injured, after a restaurant served an excessive amount of alcohol to the driver of their vehicle
  • $1.1 million – A stabbing assault lawsuit against a fraternity for negligently serving alcohol, which resulted in injuries to 2 individuals who attended the frat party.

Recent FAQ: I was attacked and assaulted at a bar in New Jersey by another customer. Can I sue the bar for my injuries?

Negligence in Serving Alcohol – DUI Accidents & Assaults

“Dram Shop” refers to a body of law which holds liquor establishments liable for negligence in serving alcohol.  Many states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey have such laws.  Bars and restaurants may be liable for serving a patron who appeared to be intoxicated or for serving a minor.  If an intoxicated person or minor later gets into a car accident and injures another person or if that person injures another in an assault, the injured victim may be able to make a claim against the bar or restaurant.  Individuals may also be liable, such as a social host who over-served a guest.

Negligence in a Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Accident

Bars and restaurants can also be held liable for creating dangerous conditions or for failing to correct or warn of conditions on the premises, such as:

  • spilled beverages or food,
  • obstructions,
  • dangerous walkways,
  • overcrowding, or
  • defective stairs.

Rights of Those Injured by Negligence of Bars or Restaurants in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Drunk driving accidents happen every day.  While of course the person who chose to drink and drive is liable for the accident, the bar or restaurant which served that person may also be liable for the accident.  The unfortunate reality is that many innocent drivers, those whose lives are turned upside down by a drunk driving accident, do not know of the ability to bring a lawsuit against a bar or restaurant in addition to the cases against the DUI defendant.  Put simply, there may be recovery beyond and in addition to the DUI defendant.

Liability of bars and restaurants is not limited to drunk driving accidents. In many situations, a bar or restaurant will negligently serve alcohol to a patron or minor.  If that patron or minor then causes injury to another person, be it in a bar fight or other incident, the bar or restaurant may be liable. Those injured in bar fights or by an intoxicated individual often do not know of the ability to make a claim against other responsible parties, such as a bar or restaurant.

Bars and restaurants can also be negligent in failing to inspect the premises for hazardous conditions such as spilled drinks. It is vital to speak to an experienced bar and restaurant negligence lawyer who will be able to properly investigate liability of all parties.  This ensures maximum recovery for seriously injured victims.  Those injured in a Philadelphia, PA or NJ bar/restaurant negligence case may be entitled to past and future medical bills and expenses, lost wages and more.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bar and Restaurant Alcohol Injury Lawyers

Our Philadelphia, PA and NJ bar and restaurant negligence and injury lawyers will meet with you and discuss:

  • dram shop law
  • bar and restaurant liability
  • bar and restaurant negligence
  • alcohol related damages and proofs

At the Philadelphia, PA and NJ personal injury accident­­ law firm of Laffey, Bucci & Kent, our experienced attorneys are committed to providing quality representation and individual attention to their clients and their clients’ families.

Our highly rated Philadelphia, PA and NJ bar and restaurant negligence and injury lawyers and attorneys have many solid years of experience handling cases against bars and restaurants which negligently served alcohol.   Their knowledge and expertise in dealing with defense counsel as well as insurance company representatives and adjusters can be invaluable when seeking justice in a bar and restaurant negligence and injury case.

Our attorneys are dedicated trial lawyers who bring their aggressive and thorough styles to each case. They are recognized as talented trial lawyers.  In 2011,the firm’s three partners, Jeff Laffey, Paul Bucci, and Brian Kent, were named in the 100 Top Trial Lawyers in Pennsylvania by The National Trial Lawyers.

Our attorneys work tirelessly on behalf of their clients and work diligently to:

  • investigate and prepare the bar and restaurant negligence cases properly
  • use the right experts
  • depose the right witnesses
  • obtain the right kind of proof of the devastating physical, mental, and financial effects the of the injuries
  • take bar and restaurant negligence cases to trial

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