Dec 222016

In a recent Pennsylvania court case, a waiver of liability was upheld against a widow in a sports accident case that occurred in Philadelphia. The same court reversed its prior ruling in the case a year ago, which allowed the widow’s claim to proceed. An appeal has been filed with the PA Supreme Court.

Oct 282015

It is crucial for businesses in densely populated areas, like Philadelphia, to secure their buildings to prevent access by teens and children. Failure to do so can lead to a tragic, fatal accident. Under Pennsylvania law, property owners can be held liable when a teen or child who trespasses on the property and is injured or killed in an accident. Wrongful death actions and survival claims are likely.

Jun 012015

About a week ago, a Center City, Philadelphia restaurant was evacuated due to high levels of carbon monoxide. It’s unclear if anyone received treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning. The incident occurred on May 24 in the city’s Chinatown area. The restaurant is located at 9th and Race Street, near the Pennsylvania Convention Center. One online […]

Mar 102015

Oftentimes, an individual who has lost a loved one comes into our office to discuss whether they can file a wrongful death action. In many instances, the time limit or statute of limitations has expired, and it is too late. Recently, an individual from Philadelphia who lost her mother contacted our office to discuss a […]

Dec 222014
Holiday Accidents & Hazards: Fires, Falls & Alcohol Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are roughly 12,000 more emergency room visits during the holiday season; that’s about 250 injuries per day. Some of the most common types of holiday accidents include falls, lacerations and back injuries. In addition, fires and electric accidents increase during the holiday season. Below are the […]

Dec 222014

Work Accident Death Cases in Pennsylvania – What is the Statute of Limitations? Work accident cases which result in deaths are very common in Pennsylvania. In fact, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 200 Pennsylvania residents are killed in work related accidents each year. That’s about two work related accident deaths […]

Dec 192014

What is a Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Action? Under the Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Act, certain surviving family members may bring a civil lawsuit to obtain financial compensation from a party whose negligent conduct caused the death of their loved one. The basis of a wrongful death action is the death itself and how it affected the […]

Dec 192014

In the aftermath of a tragic accident like a work accident, car accident or medical malpractice, surviving loved ones are often too consumed with grief to even contemplate filing a lawsuit. However, Pennsylvania law does not allow for the applicable statute of limitations to be tolled or stalled in order to give surviving family members […]

Aug 052014

Last year, a temporary worker at a sugar processing/distribution plant died after he was buried by a mound of sugar. The accident occurred in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles outside of Philadelphia. The worker was buried alive when he was digging out clumps of sugar. Due to the distribution method, the hopper would get […]

Jul 122014

Over a month ago, a worker in Pennsylvania was killed in a warehouse accident. The accident occurred in Carlisle, PA on June 4, 2014.  Carlisle is located in the middle of the state and is roughly 25 miles outside of Harrisburg. Related: Pennsylvania Work Accidents & Compensation – Do You Have a Valid Lawsuit? The […]