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*For immediate release, September 23, 2014Brian Kent National Crime Victim Bar Association interview 2014

The National Crime Victim Bar Association interviewed firm founder and partner Brian Kent at its annual conference last week in Miami. Mr. Kent was interviewed about his work in a landmark child sex abuse case involving a sitting judge in the Court of Common Pleas, New Castle County, (Wilmington, DE). The judge admitted to abusing the victim and was later disbarred.

About the Case

One of the major issues in the case was Delaware’s statute of limitations which had already expired for the victim who was sexually abused as a young boy by the judge. The abuse occurred decades ago.

Like many other states at the time, Delaware’s statute of limitations severely limited the time in which a victim of child sex abuse had to file a civil lawsuit. However, in 2007, Delaware was one of the first states to open a special window of time to allow victims, whose cases were previously time barred, to file civil lawsuits. The Delaware Child Victim’s Act opened a two year window and allowed victims the opportunity to seek justice through the civil courts. Mr. Kent used this special window to file a civil lawsuit against the judge.

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The Outcome of the Case

Brian Kent lawyer crime victim bar association interview 2014After the case was filed, the judge admitted to the abuse, issued a written apology and settled the case with the victim for a confidential settlement amount. During the case, the judge resigned from the bench. He was then investigated by the bar association in Delaware and was disbarred.

About the National Crime Victim Bar Association

The National Crime Victim Bar Association (NCVBA) is a national organization of crime victims’ rights lawyers. Each year, members attend a conference to discuss new laws and theories on how to pursue justice for victims of crime, such as victims of sexual abuse/assault, shootings, and other violent crimes. At this year’s conference, members discussed topics such as:

  • violent crime cases in resort settings (hotels, resorts, cruise ships, etc.),
  • parties responsible for child sex abuse, and
  • preventing sex abuse in youth service organizations.

Mr. Kent is a long-time member of the NCVBA and over the years has presented at its annual conference. Last year, Mr. Kent presented on the much anticipated topic of workplace violence and civil justice.

About Laffey, Bucci & Kent

The firm’s lawyers handle accident and injury litigation in crime victims cases. Mr. Kent is a former prosecutor who now focuses on civil litigation involving sex abuse, assault, shootings, etc. For more information, please call the firm at Click To Call.

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