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Recent Accident & Injury Law Articles

The following articles are brought to you by the injury and accident lawyers at Laffey, Bucci & Kent. With offices in 4 states, the firm is uniquely positioned to represent clients throughout the greater Northeast area, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware.

Workplace Accidents/Construction Accidents

Our work injury lawyers have recovered millions for workers injured in workplace fall accidents, equipment accidents, construction site accidents, etc. One of the most important factors in the success of a case is legal expertise in developing evidence to prove negligence against non-employer parties.

Workers’ Compensation Accidents

Injured workers can make both workers’ compensation claims and injury claims. Make sure you speak to a lawyer to learn whether you have a viable case. Don’t rely solely on workers’ compensation to keep your family afloat after a serious work accident.

  • Can I sue workers’ compensation for pain and suffering? (June 14th, 2017) Can you sue workers compensation for pain and suffering? Workers’ compensation won’t pay for pain and suffering, but will pay for medical bills and disability from work. In some cases, lump sum payments may be made via workers’ comp for major injuries like the loss of a limb or eye.
  • Can I sue workers’ comp for pain and suffering in Pennsylvania? (June 20th, 2016) Can I sue workers’ comp for pain and suffering? Our PA work injury lawyers discuss injured workers’ rights to pain and suffering compensation.
  • PA Workers’ Compensation Law Update (Nov. 2015) (November 17th, 2015) In a recent case, the Pennsylvania Superior Court declined to apply the exclusivity provision of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. In this case, the workers’ compensation insurance company was sued for aggravating a non-work related injury–the plaintiff’s mental anguish due to sexual molestation suffered as a child.
  • Pennsylvania Work Accidents & Claims for Lost Pay/Wages (Part 2) (November 11th, 2014) Workers who are seriously injured and unable to return to work often want to know whether they can receive benefits for lost wages or disability pay. While some employees have employer-paid disability insurance, many do not. Therefore, many seriously injured workers in PA are put in tough financial positions. Part 1 of this article discussed how ...
  • Pennsylvania Work Accidents & Claims for Lost Pay/Wages (Part 1) (November 11th, 2014) Every day, workers across Pennsylvania are injured in work related accidents. The three most common types of work injury accidents are: fall accidents (slip, trip and falls or falls from heights), machinery/product accidents (forklift accident), and auto accidents. Most workers and employees who are injured in work related accidents do not suffer any serious or major injuries. For example, ...

Crime Victim Injuries

Crime victims deserve justice. Filing a criminal case is just one avenue to justice. Crime victims have legal rights to also file civil lawsuits to obtain financial recovery for their injuries and damages.

Premises Liability (Fall Down Accidents)

Fall down accidents (slip, trip and fall accidents) are complex injury cases. You must determine who the correct parties (defendants) are and develop sufficient evidence of negligence.

    Defective Product Injuries

    Defective product injuries are increasing every year. Can you recover for your injuries?

      Car/Truck Accidents

      Auto accidents like car, truck and pedestrian accidents are very common in big cities like Philadelphia. Many injured individuals don’t know their legal rights or how insurance works.

      Medical Malpractice

      Medical negligence happens every day in doctor’s offices and hospitals across the country. Oftentimes, patients and their families need answers.

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