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Last month, a California jury found in favor of a journeyman carpenter who became disabled as a result of a nail gun accident when a nail gun penetrated his head. In the case, Martin Oliver v. Hitachi Koki USA, the Los Angeles jury awarded Mr. Oliver $2.5 million for his very extensive injuries.

The Hitachi nail gun at issue had a contact trip or contact trigger mechanism, meaning that it could be fired when the nail gun is contact with a surface. This kind of nail gun trigger can fire simultaneously with contact and is more common. Another, safer nail gun design, the sequential trip/trigger mechanism, fires only after 1. the gun contacts a surface and 2. the trigger is fired, in that order.

Nail gun accidents most commonly result in injury to the hands, feet, chest and head.  The injured may face many surgeries and rehabilitation. Disfigurement is very common. Oliver suffered serious, life changing injuries due to his head injury. He was unable to return to work and support his family. This kind of injury is common in nail gun accident situations.

Anyone injured in a nail gun accident should speak to a nail gun accident lawyer to assess the case and obtain advice on how to proceed.

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Published: July 31, 2012

*Source: www.industrial-news-reports.com, “Law Firm Wins $2.5 Million Jury Verdict in Nail Gun Case” June 5, 2012