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Lawyers for Victims of Massage Therapist Sex Assaults in New York


Accepting Cases for Massage Therapist Sex Assaults in New York

The sex crime victim injury lawyers at Laffey, Bucci & Kent are now accepting clients for massage therapist sex assault cases in New York. For over a decade, firm partner Brian Kent has fought for the rights of victims of sex assault and abuse. Prior to entering private practice, Mr. Kent prosecuted sex crimes cases as an assistant prosecutor in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Since then, he has sought justice on behalf of sex assault victims across the country, including several high profile lawsuits against various professionals including medical professionals, teachers, priests, etc.

Massage Envy Franchising LLC

Currently, Mr. Kent is accepting cases against a large national massage therapist/spa chain, Massage Envy Franchising LLC. Mr. Kent is representing several women throughout the country who have reported sexual assault during a massage. There are dozens of Massage Envy Franchising LLC locations throughout the entire state of New York, including Albany and upstate New York. Many are in the NYC area including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. For more information, please visit our sex assault victims law library.

Lawsuits Against Massage Envy Franchising LLC – A Call for Witnesses to Come Forward

Mr. Kent has filed several lawsuits alleging that the national chain is legally responsible for creating a culture of sexual violence. Cases have been filed in Pennsylvania and South Carolina. Additional cases are expected to be filed in New York and other states.

Laffey, Bucci & Kent has offices throughout the Northeast area. The Manhattan, New York office is located in the Financial District, on Broadway.

Find Out if You Have a Case – 800.220.7600

New York Massage Therapist Sex Assault Lawsuits

Like the civil laws in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, New York law allows massage therapy businesses to be held liable when a massage therapist sexually assaults a client during a massage. This applies to all types of businesses which offer massages including physical therapy businesses, spas, wellness centers, etc.

In a sex assault lawsuit against a business owner, the injured party must prove that the defendant (business owner) had knowledge of the problem beforehand or at the very least, should have known about it. Proper investigation is crucial in these cases. It’s critical to investigate prior complaints made against the therapist or other employees. In addition, the business’ policies, procedures and practices become important. Did the business have a policy for reporting acts of sexual misconduct? If and when any such reports came in, what did the business do internally to deal with the report?

Financial Compensation

Oftentimes, victims of assault by a massage therapist in New York can receive financial compensation for their mental and emotional suffering. Victims of sexual assault often sustain long-lasting symptoms. Depending on the extent of the assault, some individuals suffer debilitating depression or anxiety. New York law allows a sex assault victim to be compensated for pain and suffering.

About Mr. Kent’s Pennsylvania Sex Assault Victims Law Practice

Mr. Kent has represented victims of crime across the country in a variety of assault cases including priest abuse cases, child molestation cases and teacher/school abuse cases. His law firm, Laffey, Bucci & Kent, has the resources to handle cases across Pennsylvania. Call the firm for more information. 215.399.9255

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