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The injury lawyers at Laffey, Bucci & Kent created this library for the injured and their families to find answers to some of their legal questions. The articles below are only for information only. Prior to making any decisions about your case, it is vital to contact an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer.

Page last updated: November 28, 2016

Personal Injury

Work Injuries & Accidents

Access the Work Injury Law Library for more info.

Crime Victim Injuries

  • Voices for Victims – Philadelphia District Attorney Candidate Forum (April 28, 2017) Together with the Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance, Women Against Rape and Families of Murder Victims, Laffey, Bucci & Kent is proud to co-host the Voices for Victims – Philadelphia District Attorney Candidate Forum on May 3, 2017 at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. Register now.
  • Crime Victim Injury Lawsuits in Philadelphia – Legal Issues and Proof (April 14, 2017) A discussion of Philadelphia crime victim injury lawsuits and the legal issues that arise, which include establishing a duty of care and foreseeability. Did the defendant owe a duty of care to the victim, and was the criminal act reasonably foreseeable?
  • Crime Victim Injury Lawsuits in Philadelphia (April 6, 2017) Legal info about Philadelphia crime victim injury cases. Businesses can be held liable if there is enough evidence that the business owed a duty of care to the victim and should have known about the crime before it happened.

Access the Crime Victim Injury Law Library for more info.

Premises Liability/Fall Down

Access the Premises Liability & Accident Law Library for more info.

Defective Products

  • Product Injuries – Hurt by a Defective Product in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? (August 17, 2016) Were you hurt or injured by a defective product in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? Get legal info about legal rights to compensation by filing a product accident lawsuit (product liability claim).
  • Nail Gun Accidents Can Cause Loss of an Eye (March 10, 2014)  Is the Nail Gun Company/Manufacturer Liable? Last week, a young contractor from NJ lost his eye after a nail gun accident. According to a nj.com report, the contractor was working on a house in Maplewood when his nail gun accidentally fired into his eye. The eye was never recovered at the scene. He was taken to ...
  • Nail Gun Discharged Sideways – Now What? (December 5, 2013) Free consultations with our nail gun accident lawyers – Call 800.220.7600 Even the most experienced nail gun users can find themselves in a situation where a nail gun discharges sideways, seriously injuring themselves or a bystander. A 3 inch nail or fastener can do serious damage to the eyes and brain. Permanent nerve damage is common. Nail ...

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Car/Truck Accidents

Access the Car & Truck Accident Law Library for more info.

Medical Malpractice

Access the Medical Malpractice Law Library for more info.

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